The Hunger Games

Originality of concept often isn’t as important as the freshness and the vitality of the approach. As the Harry Potter series breathed a vibrant new life into some very old fantasy concepts, The Hunger Games gives a hint of that vitality to the post-apocalyptic survival scenario, at least in the first book.

Splendid Summer

Splendid Summer is a new website by an old friend, my college roommate Mary Matthews. She has a new book out, “Splendid Summer,” available on Kindle at It’s a mystery tale set in 1920’s San Diego. I helped Mary out setting up her website and doing the graphics. My dear white fuzzy cat, Tasha,[…]

Heinlein’s Women

Heinlein’s Women: Role Model Characters in the Heinlein Juveniles. This article is based on a presentation given by me at BayCon 2003, May 24, 2003, in a panel discussion by Heinlein Society members on Heinlein’s Women characters. My portion of the discussion was on the older women characters in the juvenile novels as role models.